Enough to go full time?


In their talk, Laser Dog explain how they created “ALONE”, their 2nd game. From a drunken prototype all the way to when it was released; they go through what it takes for them to make a game. ALONE was built in their spare time, with the hope of selling enough copies to enable the team to "go full time".

This talk took place on 21st July, 2015at Belgrave Music Hall & Canteen.

Laser Dog

Laser Dog are an independent British game studio made up of Simon Renshaw and Rob Allison, putting the bite back into gaming since 2013.

The Leeds-based studio started out as a part time business, making mobile games in evenings and weekends. After the release of their second game, ALONE, Simon and Rob were able to quit their day jobs and take up game development full time.

Since going full time they have released another three mobile games and a console/PC game.


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