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Our events take place roughly every 8 weeks, where you'll find talks and lectures on a variety of topics. We also have opinion-piece articles written by the community.

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How do we get on board the Internet of Things?

Geoff Spick on 10th June 2015

The hype and press around the Internet of Things is in full flow, with mobile, social, cloud and embedded technologies encircling IT and the Web with a faint, nebulous glow - like WIMP particles or The Force. But, how does something as exotic-sounding as Japanese smart cities, American university labs racing driverless cars or monstrous Chinese smart factories become relevant to us on a wet weekend in Leeds?

7 minute read

Are we in danger of becoming social-lites?

Noreen Coltman on 24th April 2015

Oh, aren’t we all so very popular? We’ve received yet another friend request and we’ve exceeded the 338 ‘friends’ UK Facebookers average. So if we really are the flavour of the month, why are we stuck home alone on a Friday night with a microwave meal for one?

6 minute read

Progressive enhancement

Chris Taylor on 1st April 2015

Let me begin by putting my cards firmly on the table: if you don't build websites with a progressive enhancement mindset then you don't get the web.

26 minute read

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