Off Script from Hey! Radio

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A podcast for the tech community. The theme for Off Script is to challenge ideas and opinions within the tech community. We dig into important topics with special guests, talking frankly in an unscripted setting. Subscribe for future episodes.

#03: Using The Web For Social Good with Laura Kalbag

How can we use the web for social good? What tools and techniques already exist, and how can we retain our rights while we use them?

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#02: Running a Conference with Harry Roberts

In this episode of Off Script, All Day Hey! co-founders Josh Nesbitt and Harry Roberts break down what it takes to run a conference and how it came to be.

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#01: Wasn't The Web Better 10 Years Ago with James Hall

In the pilot episode of Off Script, we sit down with James Hall to discuss "wasn't the web better 10 years ago?". We'll cover topics such as the JavaScript ecosystem becoming more complicated, the evolution of web technologies, and why it's probably a good idea to write tests.

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#00: Trailer

A introduction to Off Script by Hey! Radio. A podcast for the tech community.

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