I can't teach you to be a writer


Having always felt that writing is a calling rather than a hobby or job, Steve asks if it's impossible to teach someone else to be a writer. Drawing on his inspiration and others', he considers the importance of self-belief, empathy and vision in writing creatively - and questions whether these qualities are innate or conditioned.

Steve Clarkson

Steve's been a writer since he tried to pen his own version of the Goosebumps book series when he was seven years old. Today he's a Senior Writer at marketing agency Stickyeyes, and a creative writer of poetry and prose.

As a journalist, he's written for the Press Association, MSN and the Metro newspaper. As a speaker, he's presented at the global Pecha Kucha Night and Bettakultcha in Leeds. As an author, he's had short stories published by Reader's Digest, Flash Fiction Magazine and the York Literary Review.

You can view Steve's video profile on YouTube.


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