Ember: When the lights go on


Aaron takes a look at his team's journey of migrating an existing server side web app to use a front end JavaScript MVC framework. In this talk, he shares his team's reasoning for considering Ember, the signs that validated the switch and the things they learned along he way. We all wait for those lightbulb moments. These are Aaron's moments when the lights went on.

This talk took place on 7th April, 2015at Belgrave Music Hall & Canteen.

Aaron Chambers

Aaron is a freelance web developer specialising in Ruby and Javascript.

Originally from Australia, Aaron moved to London 5 years ago and has worked with various companies in the media industry.

He currently spends a lot of his time with Node and Ember as well as teaching development teams how to increase their quality, shorten their feedback cycle, and how to push features out the door consistently.

Aaron is one of the co-creators and core maintainers of the official Ember deployment library, ember-cli-deploy. He loves attending and speaking at meetups where he can share his experiences and learn from others, as well as eat pizza and drink beer.


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