Bootstrapping a team of developers


Having run a Digital Product agency for 3 years before Beatroot, the difficulties of building a senior and talented team in the North West were something Chris knew all too well. With a determination to avoid the dreaded “Recruitment Consultant”, Beatroot adopted a number of processes and tools to effectively bootstrap their team building, ultimately building their own “Developer Cerebro". Chris's talk focuses on Beatroot's approach, the findings that came as a result and how they’re using this insight going forward.

Chris Garrett

Chris is the Co-founder and Product Director of Beatroot, a music discovery service with the lofty goal of "making the hairs on the back of your neck stand on end”. On a day-to-day basis he's involved in all facets of the platform, from interface design to feature identification to technical strategy. He's most happy when hashing out ideas with Sketch or prototyping with test-driven Ruby.

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