Leadership with James Hall & Josh Nesbitt

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Episode #11

  8th November, 2021
  33 minutes

What leadership style do you have? How do you foster a productive culture? When do you give people autonomy and when do you put your foot down? The decisions around how to lead a team can affect how successful a project delivery is. How did the pandemic and working from home impact things? Hosts James Hall (Parallax) & Josh Nesbitt (Stac) explore these questions and look at ways to engage the team.

*Topics covered: *

  • Different leadership styles
  • The value of delegating
  • How to keep people invested in the project
  • Boundaries when working from home
  • Tooling the team for the current times
  • Giving autonomy
  • Putting your foot down
  • The curse of analysis paralysis
  • How team structure affects leadership styles
  • Creating a positive culture around leadership when starting a business
  • Open Source software leadership
  • How different management styles anchorage flow state
  • Confluence
  • Showing vulnerability from the leader
  • Ensuring a work / life balance

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