Career progression with James Hall and Josh Nesbitt

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Episode #07

  28th July, 2021
  44 minutes

We’re happy to welcome James Hall to Off Script as a new co-host alongside Josh Nesbitt in our new podcast format! The topic today is ‘Career progression’.

Josh and James have known each other for many years and have a lot of professional experience in tech at the top level between them, ranging from agency work through to consulting. Josh runs Leeds-based software consultancy Stac whilst James runs Parallax - a digital agency specialising in websites, apps and much more. This gives our co-hosts different perspectives on the tech topics they’ll be getting into in the coming episodes and gives the listener a balanced take on today’s top topics in tech.

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In today’s episode, Josh and James explore

  • How do you define a career path?
  • The changes you experience as a developer as you progress up the career ladder within an agency and as a consultant.
  • Knowing where to invest your time as a junior in tech to ensure suitable progression for yourself.
  • What opportunities and challenges does remote working create for employees and employers?
  • What can employers do to retain employees and create a rewarding career path for their staff?
  • How often should companies speak to employees about progression and what frameworks are effective for this?
  • Zoom fatigue and remote working.
  • What does the future look like for offices with a mixture of remote working and people wishing to spend their time around people in person?