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Hey!Stac refreshed

11th July 2014

Announcing a redesigned and reimagined Hey!Stac.

Since the very first event we've tried to create something that encapsulates the community in Leeds (and further afield), and we've been fortunate enough to have seen that grow into a series of talks spanning different industries and topics.

It's time to take it up a notch though, so with a years experience putting on events, we're relaunching the Hey! brand, and introducing a new type of event to sit alongside talks.

Firstly, we've refreshed the site to make it easier to find content from previous events. On top of that, we're ensuring each event is followed by a recording and accompanying slide content. It will take time for richer content to be created, as we don't have to luxury of a time machine to begin filming a year ago, but bear with us whilst we populate the catalogue.

Secondly, we're introducing another type of event, lectures.

Lectures are less frequent events that will occur between normal events, most likely to be every third event. These will be focused interviews between two people, where the audience may pitch questions before the lecture. It will be a relaxed affair, covering a wide range of topics surrounding the interviewee.

Think of it as a modern day Parkinson.

We're hoping this will evolve as time goes on, and we've got some really interesting people lined up to interview. The first lecture is to take place on the 19th August, 2014. The venue is yet to be confirmed (as we're looking for a more intimate surrounding where a Q&A is more likely to take place), so keep your eyes peeled on Twitter for a venue announcement.

Here's to the next year!

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