Why The Cyber Security Industry Needs to Hire More Anthropologists


Why does the cyber security industry need to hire more anthropologists? Because the criminals already are. By 2025 it is estimated $10.5 trillion will be lost to cyber criminals. Hacking humans is a very lucrative business. This discussion puts people and social science at the centre of the solution. Utilising anthropological theories and methodologies - such as reciprocity, participant observation and tribalism - Lianne demonstrates why cyber security teams need to hire beyond technical expertise and look towards the social sciences for the next advancements in cyber fortification to respond to this ever-increasing threat.

This lecture took place on 18th March, 2021.

Lianne Potter

Lianne is an award-winning security transformation manager, change maker, tech founder, digital anthropologist and tech diversity and inclusion advocate.

Lianne’s passion is to ensure that the tech we use is as secure as possible while at the same time, removing barriers for those who create it, and fostering environments for innovation and growth. Lianne evangelises a cultural security transformation which begins with embedding values which never compromises or neglect the human experience. Her mantra is: When you follow the cables, behind every piece of tech is a person, consumer and creator, and we should never lose sight of this.