Using the web for social good


How can we use the web for social good? What tools and techniques already exist, and how can we retain our rights while we use them? In this discussion with Laura and Hey! founder Josh Nesbitt, we’ll cover technologies that improve our everyday lives as well as powering online movements, and how those same technologies can be used against us. Over the past few years, Laura has invested her time fighting for the regulation of surveillance capitalism, while building alternatives in her work for the Small Technology Foundation. In today’s world, activism increasingly relies on technology, making now a more important time than ever to discuss how technology can be used quickly and safely to spread facts and support action.

This lecture took place on 2nd July, 2020.

Laura Kalbag

Laura's a friendly designer originally from the UK, now living in Ireland. You’ll usually find her talking about rights-respecting design, accessibility and inclusivity, privacy, web design and development.

She's one half of Small Technology Foundation (previously They’re a not-for-profit striving for social justice in the digital age.