The Setup - Ruth John

As part of an ongoing series where we ask industry professionals what they use to get the job done, we speak to Ruth, web developer, creative technologist and founding member of { Live : JS }.

Who are you, and what do you do?

I'm Ruth John and I always really struggle with the question 'what do you do?'. I can't really find a job title to suit.

My latest projects over the past couple of months include an interactive data visualisation for a mobile app, an LED snowboard jacket and prepping audio, MIDI & visual workshops with { Live : JS }.

What hardware do you use?

I guess I can't live without my laptop. Last year I bought a 12" Macbook and am immensely happy with it, I upgraded the processor and have never found many performance problems. It fits in my handbag (well my custom sewn handbag I made for it) and weighs nothing, I do carry it everywhere.

Aside from that there's probably too much hardware to mention. I'm sat at my desk in my studio right now which is packed full of hardware. My sewing machine and MIDI controllers are pretty cool and useful. There's also things like plotters and an electronics kit amongst other things.

And what software?

I'm happy with a pen, paper, Sketch, Sublime, Chrome and the terminal. I use Slack too much, IA Writer when I need to write, Harvest to time track and 1Password because it saves me.

What would be your dream setup?

Honestly, I'm pretty happy. Everything I need to make things is here. There's a couple of MIDI controllers I drool over and my sewing machine is pretty basic. Ooo I know a laser cutter, I'd luv a laser cutter :) That can only enhance this setup!

One item you can't live without?

Laptop. Sad but true. Steal my phone, not my laptop.

Thanks Ruth!

Ruth John on 7th April, 2017.

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