The Setup - Liam Hutchinson

As part of an ongoing series where we ask industry professionals what they use to get the job done, we speak to Liam, Digital User Experience Designer at Sky.

Liam Hutchinson

Who are you, and what do you do?

Hey, I'm Liam Hutchinson, I’m a (digital) user experience designer working for Sky. They’re a telecommunications & media company with a pretty formidable customer base.

Outside the office, I’m a (not very) competitive powerlifter, a wannabe cook & thirsty real ale drinker!

What hardware do you use?

I came across this snippet in an article the other day:

UX design isn’t done in a silo. Interview, inquire, observe. Step away from the computer screen.

This hits the nail on the head. I try to spend as little time actually at my desk. I’d much rather be in the research lab, against a white board with others coming up with concepts or in stakeholder interviews. (Not an exhaustive list of activities).

When I am sat at my desk though, I have a Macbook Pro hooked up to a couple monitors. I tend to leave everything at my desk when I go into a meeting etc though so I’ll just carry around my iPhone, that’s got everything on it anyway (Slack, emails, calendar, notes etc).

And what software?

I (we, the design team) keep software as simple as possible. Sketch for designs from concepts through to high fidelity designs, InVision for prototyping for research and pulling together screens into user journeys.

We’re currently exploring tools for animation & excited to see what InVision pulls out of the bag with Motion. Otherwise, Principle is looking pretty awesome.

Other apps include Slack (one of the best things ever, especially in a geo-distributed team, Spotify (when it’s head down time) & Keynote for the odd time I need to pull together a presentation (usually I just use InVision prototypes for that as well though).

What would be your dream setup?

So cliché I know, but I’ve probably got my dream set up now. It would be awesome if I could pull together a war room for the product(s) I work on, but you try block booking a meeting room in my office!

I’d never say no to more space in general though. White boards and wall space always come in handy!

One item you can't live without?

My iPhone. Obviously I couldn’t pull together designs on my iPhone but I’m pretty confident I could still do my job with just my phone! We go everywhere together.

Thanks Liam!

Liam Hutchinson on 30th December, 2016. Related talks and lectures:

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