The Setup - Jen Mak

As part of an ongoing series where we ask industry professionals what they use to get the job done, we speak to Jen, a Time Management Coach at A Space For.

Jen Mak

Who are you, and what do you do?

I’m a time management coach, helping people to remove the shoulds and coulds that stop people from going A to B smoothly. I created my business, A Space For, after years of creating a space for figuring out what I wanted to do in life. I realised that to get to that point you need to declutter time first and manage your energy. So now I’m running workshops focused on going from A.R.S.E. (annoyed, reactive, stressed, exhausted) to A.C.E. (attentive, calm, effective), as well as passing on my learnings on public speaking and sleeping better as I’ve had to figure these out to do my work.

What hardware do you use?

My phone (Sony Xperia Z5 Compact) has let me test out a lot – from audio recordings and video podcasts, to writing blogs (using the Microsoft Universal Foldable keyboard) as well as printing docs straight to printer (great for the minimalist in me). I use a good old Windows laptop (Dell Vostro 3500), still going strong after 5 years, but quite heavy so I rely on just my phone when I'm out.

And what software?

I use Google Calendar to keep me sane (oh and the Momentum Chrome extension for my daily quote pick me up), WordPress (via Bluehost) for my website and Mailchimp for my mailing list. Word, Excel and PowerPoint for workshops – traditional but does the job well. Canva for designing materials for free and Unsplash for lots of free HD photos.

On my phone I listen to podcasts with Sticher when I’m commuting (you can speed it up in increments of .1x so I hover around 1.7x for fast speakers), and jot notes down on Evernote. I schedule 3 month alarms on 80% of my notes so that I keep reviewing and eventually remember what I’ve been trying to learn.

What would be your dream setup?

Big table, lots of natural light, light laptop with good sized screen (or two if I’m dreaming), all the ergonomics (living in rented places I’ve worked on circular glass tables - not good for wrist support or an optical mouse!).

One item you can't live without?

My phone - so I can call my friends when I need to stop overthinking.

Thanks Jen!

Jen Mak on 3rd November, 2017. Related talks and lectures:

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